Monday, June 06, 2005

Downcast with Comcast

Comcast has more than one reason to bring me sorrow. I swapped in/out three Comcast HDTV receivers in the last month because they kept switching off randomly. In my last visit to the local Comcast store, I was pitched the new DVR Comcast HDTV receiver which only costs $5 extra per month. Although It doesnt provide any of the additional plug-ins like MythTV does (that I still havent gotten working)...the integrated viewing capability is very enticing. It provides 15 hours of HDTV and 90 hours of non-HD recordings with a maximum of two simultaneous recordings. Also, I records any HD content even from movie channels like HBO.

My biggest gripe is that my present Comcast receiver has disabled the firewire port that provided my MythTV box access to the unencrypted HDTV feed.

I am contemplating putting Microsoft MCE 2005...I hope things change before I do that.

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