Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Wishlist

My HTPC has been working great for almost 2 years now, and my foresight has enabled its longevity. However, some new technologies and products have caused me to think about some hardware and software upgrades.
  • I need a bigger hard-drive to accomodate my growing recorded shows, downloaded music and videos that I wish to keep. I have been eyeing deals on 500 GB Seagate drives on Frys and Newegg for a while now. I also need a quieter drive.
  • My surround-sound system doesnt have an optical/digital input (SP/DIF). I am using the headphones-out from my HTPC into the sound-system thus killing the dolby/thx effect.
  • I need a way to record HD programming
  • Lightscribe DVD-RW Recording Drives - To etch labels on the disks directly.
  • Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Combo Player Drives

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